Homemade chicken nuggets, easy and fast

Chicken nuggets are the first meal I think of if they ask me which dish to cook for children. In fact, I suspect that 99.9% of children love it.

Maybe the recipe for homemade chicken nuggets could compete with cheese fingers before the children's audience, or against pancakes or certain types of sandwich. But go, my instinct tells me that it is very good to take advantage of a recipe that makes them eat more meat, and less carbohydrates or fat. For some other note, I'll think about whether I can come up with a good recipe to make kids love vegetables, especially carrots or too green vegetables, like broccoli.

How to make chicken nuggets

Now the challenge is to make homemade nuggets more tempting than those of fast food. No marketing, drawings, toys or mini-cardboard boxes. Here the priority will be the taste, keeping the dish well nourished, and at the same time a quick and easy recipe.

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chicken nuggets
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Homemade chicken nuggets step by step

Chicken nuggets are a guaranteed success for children or adults. With this recipe of homemade nuggets you will learn to prepare them so quickly and easily, that they will become part of your usual menu.Leave the mixture there for a few minutes so that the bread absorbs the liquid well.
  • Chop the chicken in a very small way, which becomes almost a paste. I pass directly the breasts for a kitchen robot. It is better if before putting them into the machine they are divided into two or three pieces. You can also order them directly when you buy them at the butcher shop.

  • Mix the chopped chicken with the bread and milk. Add the garlic powder and stir everything well.

  • Season this pasta to taste.

  • With the paste ready, let's form balls with your hands . The ideal thing is to grease the hands with a little oil, or wet them, to avoid that the paste is stuck to us.
  • Now let's prepare what we need for the batter. In a deep dish, we are going to pour and beat the eggs.
  • In another dish , we are going to mix the flour and the bread crumbs, and spread it evenly over the whole surface.
  • Now we are going to pass the balls first through the egg and then through the flour and bread powder. For this step it is important to have your hands well dry, to prevent the flour from sticking. You have to roll the balls on the plate of the flour, so that it covers all the surface of each one.
  • To these chicken balls we can give them any shape we want, including the typical nugget shape.

  • Heat a pan with a good amount of oil and fry our nuggets.
  • We leave the pieces in the oil for the time necessary to brown them all over the surface, paying attention to move them as necessary so that they remain with a golden brown evenly.
  • Place a dish covered with absorbent paper next to it from the kitchen, to deposit the nuggets once fried. This will help us to remove the excess fat.
  • Remove the Nuggets from the absorbent paper after a couple of minutes. Serve with the sauce you like most.
  • I recommend eating them with our delicious recipe for sweet and sour sauce homemade For me it is the best sauce for nuggets. The combination is irresistible.

    The other ideal sauce and known to all is barbecue sauce.

    Recipe for baked chicken nuggets

    We just saw how the fried chicken nuggets are made, but if you are not very fond of fat or frying, you can try preparing the baked nuggets. The base of the recipe is the same, but you have to preheat the oven to 180 degrees when you start the preparation of the pasta. Once the balls of chicken pasta are formed and battered, they are placed in a tray covered with waxed cooking paper, and go to the oven for 15 minutes.

    This way of making the recipe for the chicken nuggets it's healthier. In contrast, the consistency of the dish may be a little softer and the result may be less juicy, drier.The tendency to add flavorings to the mix has become very popular. If you are a cheese lover, you can add about 50 or 60 grams of grated parmesan. You can also try adding chopped herbs to nuggets, or pieces of vegetables.

  • For a different texture, instead of processing the chicken until it becomes a paste, it can be cut into small pieces and add them to the mix. The result is nuggets filled with chips. This is to everyone's taste.
  • Not necessarily the shape of the nuggets has to be balls. This makes the floured part easier, but can also be done in a more flattened, commercial style.
  • Life with chicken is richer, and cooking is also better. If you agree with this philosophy (I guess so, after having learned how to make homemade nuggets), I leave many more chicken recipes on our list of 40 recipes with chicken breast.