Chinese lemon chicken recipe, like that of restaurants

Chinese style lemon chicken is our recipe of the day, because here at Comedera we love doing two things: 1) Show them how they can cook the dishes they will get in their favorite restaurants. 2) Talk about Asian food.

In this case, we are assuming that Chinese restaurants have a leading role among their favorites, and that is very good, because in our case it is like that. That said, it should be made clear that this is the recipe for Chinese style lemon chicken, because there are also similar dishes but typical of other types of cuisine, such as Mediterranean style lemon chicken.

How to make easy lemon chicken

About this recipe for chicken with lemon the ideal is to use breasts, although you can also use boneless boneless meat and it looks great.

You also have the possibility of chopping the breasts into pieces, say chop them in 4 parts each or simply use them whole as in this recipe.

There are people who like to mix the lemon with some slices of orange.

chicken with lemon

 chicken with lemon
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Lemon chicken step by step

This lemon chicken will look like the one you've tried in Chinese restaurants. Learn how to make chicken overflowing with a delicious lemon sauce in Chinese style.Then, we will arrange them on a cutting board, and with a mallet we will flatten them so that there are pairs in texture and consistency.
  • Then, we will salt a little each piece and put them in a mold, to cover them with a few spoonfuls of soy sauce, in such a way that the liquid reaches all the meat.
  • Now the breast mold will go directly to the refrigerator. There we will leave it between half an hour and an hour, depending on our availability of time.
  • While the chicken is marinating, you can use it to prepare the sauce.
  • a blender, pour the juice of a lemon, chicken broth, four tablespoons of cornstarch and sugar. Beat well to form a homogeneous liquid. Reserve.
  • Now, in a bowl, mix the eggs with the rest of cornstarch.
  • We will remove the marinated chicken from the refrigerator, to pass each piece (from both sides) by the mixture of eggs and cornstarch.
  • We will heat a pan or pot good size, with oil, on high heat, to fry chicken pieces.
  • We will fry each piece until the overflow effect is achieved.
  • While the chicken is fry, we are going to chop the other lemon in very thin slices, that we are going to arrange in another saucepan, with the sauce that we had prepared in the blender. All this at low heat, and moving frequently.
  • When removing each piece of chicken frying pan, we will arrange it on a plate covered with absorbent paper, to remove excess fat.
  • In the case of the sauce, let it cook a few minutes more, enough to make sure it is hot. It is optional, to the taste of the cook, to submerge the pieces of chicken in the sauce while it is cooking, or to serve them directly in dry, and then to bathe them with the liquid. This depends on how they prefer the texture of the chicken. What is worthwhile is to rescue the lemon slices from the sauce, to take advantage of them for decoration.
  • This chicken recipe is perfect accompanied by a fried rice like our Chinese rice recipe or with good white rice, to mix it with the sauce.

    Tips for your chicken in lemon sauce Chinese style

    • For a recipe with even more oriental flavors, there are certain ingredients that can be added to the preparation. One is ginger. You can peel a piece and chop it into small pieces, which are added to the soy sauce at the time of making the marinade.
    • Another ingredient that can make the flavors of this dish more Asian, is honey. If you want to use it, you can replace part of the sugar in the sauce, for an equivalent amount in honey. Try the result to make sure you do not need to correct the seasoning, with a little more honey or sugar, according to your taste.

    Since you discovered our Chinese lemon chicken recipe easy, I suspect you'll like other Asian-style chicken recipes.