30 recipes of stuffed breasts, for all tastes

I'm not satisfied with the recipes of conventional chicken breasts. For me, when it comes to recipes for stuffed breasts, you have to make a separate chapter, or in this case, a special list.

We already know that chicken is the most versatile meat in the world and can be prepare in a thousand ways. But when it comes to cooking stuffed chicken breasts, there is a charm in the way of flattening each piece of meat, of accommodating the ingredients that go inside, thinking of a sauce that goes with the whole, in the accompaniment ... The same are only romanticisms Mine and my stomach, but the fact is that everyone likes stuffed chicken breasts, and if that's not the case it's because they are vegetarians.

Once the popularity of the breast is accepted stuffed chicken as a dish, I'll leave some tips before I start talking about the different ways to prepare this dish. If you do not really know how to make stuffed chicken breasts, take note.

Tips for perfect stuffed chicken breasts

  1. Use a good knife sharp when slicing your breasts. You will save a lot in time and suffering, not to mention that your cuts will look better.
  2. To accommodate the breasts in the form of a roll, use wooden sticks. This way you will avoid that your gastronomic sculptures lose their shape (with certainty, the roll will open while you cook them). Remember to remove the chopsticks before serving.
  3. Crush each breast to improve your chances of handling, rolling, and of course, the texture of the dish. You can use a mallet, a roller, or even a heavy container, like a can.
  4. Do not crush your breasts with direct contact, but put them inside a bag. We do not want them to be damaged, right?
  5. If you are going to add spices to the breasts, it is right to do it on the face that will be opposite the filling.
  6. When you roll up your breasts, the most practical thing is to start with the thinner side. Squeeze hard when you're rolling.

Now you're a guru of stuffed breasts.

stuffed breasts

Stuffed breasts recipes

Deciding which of these breast recipes is the best is how to decide between taking a trip to the Mediterranean or the Bahamas. I give you a clue about my preferences: I like recipes that have fruit.

  1. Chicken breasts stuffed with ham and cheese: I love the surprise effect of this recipe, and the contrast of flavors.
  2. Stuffed chicken breasts: these breasts are prepared with bacon, cheese and lemon, and are a delight.
  3. Stuffed chicken breasts with spinach: another recipe for chicken breasts stuffed in the oven, but this time with the healthiest and most nutritious ingredient possible: spinach.
  4. Stuffed chicken breasts with banana: nothing more tropical than this recipe. Do we get experimental, and decorate it with pineapple?
  5. Stuffed chicken breasts in mushroom sauce: better still than a stuffed chicken breast, it is a stuffed breast but also bathed in sauce. And when we thought that idea was insurmountable, it turns out that the sauce is made of mushrooms. Applause.
  6. Stuffed breasts in white sauce: this combination is already an exaggeration, but it is the kind of exaggeration that we all want to try. Cheese inside, white sauce on the outside. I want to draw little hearts.
  7. Apple stuffed chicken breasts: no, this is not a dessert. It's a salty and absolutely delicious dish.
  8. Stuffed vegetable breasts: probably the healthiest version of the stuffed breasts recipe.
  9. Chicken breasts stuffed with plums: this is what I call it a really "gourmet" recipe. With permission, I'm going to prepare them.I think there is no other ingredient so versatile.
  10. Chicken breast stuffed with bean sauce and poblano chili: in this case, the writers of the recipe were infected by a totally Mexican spirit, and I have the impression that that inspiration is transmitted very easily (I got a verse and everything).
  11. Chicken breast stuffed with spaghetti: instead of pasta with chicken, here they turned the recipe around, literally. I do not know about you, but I'm curious to try it.
  12. Stuffed goat cheese breast with pumpkin apricot sauce: this recipe sounds like an explosion of flavors, but without overflowing with calories. I like that balance. stuffed chicken breasts
  13. Breast stuffed with orange sauce: I can not decide between a chicken breast cooked in orange, or stuffed with orange sauce. Just in case, I'll prepare the two together, and organize a tasting.
  14. Stuffed breasts with goat cheese and dried tomatoes: delicious chicken breasts cooked in the oven with a stuffed with goat cheese and dried tomatoes, accompanied by cream and spinach. Not bad!
  15. Breasts stuffed with avocado and seafood: close your eyes. Do not do anything. Breathe Imagine the taste of a combination like this recipe. Do not babe. Even if you're alone, that does not look good. Now react. Run, that the supermarket is still open for you to buy the ingredients you are missing.
  16. Stuffed stuffed breasts with béchamel sauce: this proposal also has avocado, but it has nothing to do with the previous recipe. Combining avocado and chicken is too good an idea to teach you just one preparation.
  17. Stuffed Chicken Breasts with Sweet Potatoes: between the stuffed vegetable preparations, this is totally unexpected. I like the risks, so let's try it.
  18. Chicken breasts stuffed with pumpkin flowers: I do not know if you have noticed that pumpkin flowers are a favorite ingredient of chefs. I think they should be easier to get in stores, and more used in everyday recipes.
  19. Stuffed breasts with cheese and zucchini: I love this idea. I can perfectly imagine it as the main course of a family Sunday.
  20. Stuffed chicken breast in puff pastry: it is not that they filled the breasts with the puff pastry, but that they filled the puff pastry with the breasts, which in turn are also filled. Although, on second thought, I like the idea of ​​stuffing some breasts with puff pastry. It would be like a recipe against the system.
  21. Stuffed breasts with asparagus and mozzarella: every recipe I find with a vegetable filling, I think is even richer than the previous one. With this, I can perfectly imagine the subtle taste of asparagus, accompanied by the soft texture of chicken.
  22. Stuffed chicken breasts in poblano chile sauce: this recipe is totally Mexican. Luckily, for those who do not love spiciness, poblano chili is not one of the strongest.
  23. Chicken breasts stuffed with Iberian ham: now we go with the Spanish flavors. This recipe, in addition, comes with a cream of vegetables.
  24. Chicken breasts stuffed with chorizo: I love the combination of proteins with more protein.
  25. Chicken breast stuffed with mango : Do you want to surprise someone? Then this is the correct recipe. Best of all, it also has curry.
  26. Chicken breast stuffed with coconut sauce: I can not think of a more exotic recipe than this one. I want to be in Thailand, in Polynesia or on a beach in South America.
  27. Chicken breast stuffed with broccoli: the latest, but no less rich, recipe for ultra-healthy stuffed chicken breast.

I presume that if you were reading this note it is because you are a true fan of the chicken.Bon appetit.